I read a wonderful novel by Victoria Glendinning, entitled Electricitymany years ago. It was about the implementation of electricity, via the electric light into the lives of various characters in Victorian England. The book captured the impact that this technological innovation had on human beings at this point in our recent history. Suddenly, there were no more dim and shadowy corners inside houses and buildings at night, as had been the case with gaslight. When you think about the fears and imaginings of our ancestors, you can see a direct link with their dependence on candlelight and the like. Ghost stories and all the things that go bump in the night, were born out of shadowy darkness. The spark in our lives: Electricity, became a continuous clarity, which was almost akin to daylight taking over the night.

Electricity Changed the World Forever

Electric light put a stop to a lot of that, via its brilliant incandescence shining light into every corner of the room. When you extend that clarity to things other than vision, it changed the world forever. Now, of course, we take all that for granted. The revolution that was electricity in our lives has continued to transform, almost, every aspect of our existence. Labour saving devices powered by electrical current made life a lot easier for both men and women in the home and at work. Indeed, now we face an obesity epidemic, which is fuelled in part by our lives of ease.

Electricity is the Single Most Important Factor

Our sedentary lives, with remote controls directing appliances, mobile apps, and the couch potato existence, have challenging health ramifications for us all. People have it so easy that they have to pay to go to gymnasiums to maintain fitness. It is ironic in the extreme, don’t you think? Immaculate results everywhere we look, when it comes to our modern lifestyles and expectations. We enjoy a life powered by technology, which produces a beautiful appearance all around us. Electricity is the single most important factor in the totality of our lives.

We Are Enthralled by Electricity

When it comes to checking it out, we are enthralled by electrical power in all its many guises, right across the board. Can you, even, imagine a world without electricity? We have to watch those reality TV programmes, where contestants live in pre-electrically charged homes, to grasp the extent of the impact that it has had upon our lives.