The boring side of old houses is that you have to contend with the old wiring systems. But that’s not the only sad part of the story.  The truth is, unless you were around when the house was built, you can’t be sure the electrical system is up to standard. That’s why it’s considered safe to have an experienced electrician handle any wiring in your house that dates back for ages.

If you are a Sydney resident, then you are not new to these old fashioned houses. In the overlooked suburb of Haberfield, the inner west Sydney has some of the city’s old houses, standing in lush backyards. The region is highly strict on the residents to conserve older properties without any tampering.

The Common Electrical Problems with Old House Wiring

Old house wiring is prone to electrical failures. Most of the problems are brought about by some of the materials used during the wiring process. Therefore, if you plan to purchase an old house in one of Sydney’s inner west suburbs, here are the problems you should expect.

Damaged Wiring

Old houses will always experience damaged wiring system. Their wiring ultimately deteriorates after years of prolonged use. Some of them used aluminum wiring that changes in size as it responds to temperature fluctuation.

These wirings also oxidize and corrode, resulting in overheating that may potentially cause a fire breakout. Therefore, if you plan to move into any old house, it would be best to ensure it’s well inspected and wiring problems are well replaced.

However, note that old houses in the inner west of Sydney need specialist electricians. These are houses with ages of existence, meaning they need special attention when carrying out electrical repairs.

Flickering Lights

You might have experienced some flickering light that makes the bulb light and dim. This is a common problem with many old houses, and it may come as a result of a loose or defective bulb.

It’s usually considered a small problem; but, it could be more serious than what is experienced. Some of the old houses have already weakened electrical connections that need expert electrical repair solutions. Flickering lights may be a major sign of an electrical problem, and it’s only safe to update your switchboard before it’s an emergency.

The Dead Outlets

Dead outlets are common in old house wiring. They usually come along resulting from tripped circuit breakers. You may try resetting the circuit breakers, but it won’t solve the problem in the long run.

Dead circuit breakers will always be a sign of a loose or burned-out connection Therefore, it’s necessary to get an experienced electrician who can take care of the problem.

Frequent Bulb Burnouts

Nothing is more common in old house wiring than frequent bulb burnouts. This problem is mostly caused by excessively high wattage. Faulty wiring could be the reason for this.

Final Thought

Wiring is a common problem when you move into an old house. This may compromise your safety and the overall comfort of your house. Finding an electrician who can make new changes that enhance your safety is key to having the comfort you deserve.