Fairy lights will make your outdoor activities and festivals look elegant and more enjoyable. Primarily, these lights include any form of string lights used during festivals like Christmas. Fairy lights can be dramatic, not just subtle; nevertheless, they can be utilized all year round, not just for one season. These lights also include miniature string lights comprising battery packs and small LED bulbs. Regardless of the lights you are installing, there are some safety tactics to adhere to, especially if you are handing them outside.

Safety Tactics to Use when Installing Fairy Lights outside

Test Before Plugging In

Regardless of the occasion, it is essential to test the efficiency of the lights before D-day. It would be best if you visually inspected your lights for any signs of apparent damage. Identify bulbs that might be broken or missing and worn out or defective. I recommend replacing the entire string if you spot any damaged wires. Otherwise, you could be incubating a dangerous fire hazard that could destroy all of your property. Also, replace any bulbs that are broken or missing.

It is vital to use long-nose pliers and wear gloves when extracting broken bulbs to avoid hurting your hands. Note that you should always check for blown fuses, referring to the manufacturer’s instructions to improve accuracy. You must not replace or work on the bulbs when the lights are on, as this could be fatal.

 Do Not Neglect The Lights

Even though we might be too focused on making a garden look nice, it is equally important to consider your safety. It would be best to switch off your fairy lights when you go to bed or leave the house. This helps control fires that could occur when you are not around and cause severe damage.

Avoid Using Old Lights

The older the fairly lights, the higher the chances of being faulty. It is significant to replace your lights, especially if you notice that they are often breaking. Replacing these fairy lights will ensure you get the latest lights with better innovations, thus up to standard.

Set Up a Ladder Safely

When setting up fairly outdoor lights, like in gardens, most setting places will include trees and high areas. Besides, most people do outdoor light decorations, like placing fairy lights on their roofs. Therefore, it is crucial to set up a ladder of good height and place it at the right angle. It is best to have a person holding the ladder in place to prevent it from sliding.

Secure the Lights with Items Proportionate to them

Using fairly lights that are proportionate to the items and securing them helps maintain them and keep them in place. For instance, light that looks good on big trees may not be best for small things like house plants. Instead, you can use pretty lights that operate with batteries as they fit best on small entities. On the other hand, lights that plug into an outlet are ideal for big objects like trees and walls.

Fairly lights can be used in various places and occasions. For instance, besides using them in gardens at home, you can also use them for marketing at trade expos. They even help draw attention, thus making your potential customers aware of your presence.