If you are not associating electrical services with social media, you may be missing out on a very strategic method to promote your services. In this digital age, social media plays a key role in the relationship between service providers and customers. It acts as the bridge between them and an unmatched medium of interaction. As an electrician, you also need to utilize social media for the advantage of your business. Taking a lead from this digitally active Sydney electrician, here are some ways to use social media to promote your business.

Optimize your content to social media

When marketing your services on social media, you must optimize your content to suit your audience and that specific social media platform. While some social platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are suitable for posting video-rich content, others like Twitter have a character limit making them ideal for posting customer testimonials. Long-form content also works well on LinkedIn. Using relevant hashtags on Twitter can also boost your visibility.

Select the right social media sites

Targeting all social media at once can be overwhelming. Start by selecting the right social media sites that can get your business out there fast. For instance, if you like making video content, promoting your business on Chinese media such as TikTok is the biggest thing. Sites like TikTok and Instagram provide video creation features like reels and stories that help you create engaging and fun content about your services to attract more views within a short period.