When it comes to getting any kind of heat relief during a hot summer, anything marginally successful in making us feel cooler is a welcome addition and standing in front of an open fridge door is the least efficient solution.

Currently the three most common cooling techniques on the market are air conditioners, ceiling fans and air coolers.

Most are familiar with the high costs an air conditioner has in comparison with the budget electricity cost of using a ceiling fan.

However, can a ceiling fan really do the job with mercury soaring above 35°C?

Geographic location plays a deciding part with anyone living in more tropical areas realistically requires air conditioning in order to deal with the humidity as well as the heat. Neither is necessarily better than the other; it’s a matter of which is most appropriate, given the comfort level and carbon footprint. Fans are equally as good for the environment as for your bank balance. On a personal level they are cheaper to run than air conditioners; from a commercial and luxury perspective they are mandatory regardless of cost.

Nothing almost instantly cools a room like an air conditioner. Particularly when the temperature is soaring to 38 degrees.

Certainly when you’re enjoying the luxury living of Amwaj’s arid climate.

Essentially, there are two seasons to experience: an extremely hot summer that can have temperatures averaging 40°C, and a relatively mild winter. During the summer months from April to October, afternoon temperatures can soar to 46°C during June and July.

Living in a warm climate makes air-conditioners a necessity than a luxury; an inclusion in a way of life that most would find challenging to live without.

Air-conditioners have been around for almost 100 years in some form or another. Technology has advanced exponentially in the last decade, making current units the most energy efficient than ever before, and almost silent running.

Unbearably hot days become bearable and even enjoyable with all doors and windows closed while the ice-breathed air-con exhales beautifully chilled air around and across you.

To have invested in ducted air conditioning gives experience a whole other level of personal comfort, particularly one that enables differing temperatures in each room. Obviously there’s a hefty price tag to that, and it’s not crossing your mind on those stinking hot days.

Sometimes it’s only possible to have a fan, ceiling or otherwise.

Should you require, looking up how to install a ceiling fan is a health and safety necessity, and a prompt to always use a qualified professional.

You don’t want to end up just a blast of hot air.

To efficiently combat summer heat itmost definitely makes sense to have both and air-cons and ceiling fans because both in tandem is a great solution for pumping out cool air, and circulating it around the room.

It also serves to re-cool the motor heated air of the air conditioner running.

Amwaj luxury hotels offer them together with your thermostat set to a higher temperature, and the ceiling fan constantly circulating the cool air.