The security of your older parents or grandparents should be a priority. It’s always advisable to take them to a nursing home though it isn’t a must. If you have enough cash, you may hire a carer for them.

However, taking care of them may be difficult if they live alone and you’re working miles away. Even if you hire a caretaker, you may still not be at peace because of the worry that your parents may be abused in one way or the other.

The only of ensuring they’re safe may be to install CCTV cameras. These cameras will allow you to monitor your parents from anywhere in the world. If you link them to a DVR, they’ll even give you a video record of the daily activities in the home. Always remember that CCTV installation should be done by an electrician.

Here are ways that security cameras can protect the elderly:

  1. It Keeps Criminals At Bay

The mere presence of a security camera in your older parents’ home is enough to prevent burglars from getting into the house. That’s because most thieves survey a home before robbing it. If they find out that cameras are installed with an alarm system, they’re likely to abort their mission.

But if they go ahead and rob the house, the cameras will record videos of their actions that may lead to their capture and conviction. If you’re lucky enough, you may get the stolen goods.

However, it isn’t advisable to install dummy cameras because experienced burglars can spot them from a distance. In case of a burglary, they’ll not give you a recording of what occurred.

  1. Checking The Older family Members

Aging parents are vulnerable and require help every single time. It’s always vital to have an extra set of eyes on them 24/7. Most of these individuals suffer from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and arthritis that may need constant monitoring.

A security camera will enable you to check their condition. If it becomes worse, you can always arrange for them to be rushed to the hospital before it’s too late. They’ll also help you notice any accidents that may occur as your older parents climb the stairs or maneuver in-between furniture.

  1. They’ll Help You To Claim Insurance

When a theft occurs, you need to make an insurance claim on the vandalized goods and furniture. Unfortunately, some older parents don’t get insurance amounts because they can’t document the incident. Coupled with this, content marketing usually forgets the elderly.

But with a security camera, you can use the recorded videos as proof to validate your insurance claim. Apart from that, homes with security cameras may get up to 20% discounts on their premiums.

  1. They’ll Give You Peace Of Mind

It’s easy to be anxious and fear your elderly parents if you can’t monitor them. You may even be worried about whether they’re eating and taking their medication as required. But with security cameras, this process has been made easier. Most CCTVs can be monitored on computers, phones, and tablets, making it easier to monitor every move your older parents make. If they’ve not taken their medicine, you can always call to remind them.


CCTV security cameras can protect the elderly in several ways. These are but a few.